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Tips that May Help Your student on a Bagrut Unseen – This can be given to your students-

1. Read the question– (look up any words you may not understand) look at what lines the answer is found (it is written after the question), go to those lines, read them and find the answer, write down the answer. Go to the next question, only read the lines in the unseen in which the answer is written.

2. Remember that when a word is followed by words between commas, those words are called a clause and they explain something about the word that comes before it. For example:  Unseens, which are blind passages, found in Bagrut exams, are often followed by questions which are difficult to answer.

3. Look for HOTS (higher order thinking skills) hints in the unseen that can help you answer the questions. For example:

A. cause and effect

B. motivated by- uncovering motives

C. compared to… compare and contrast

D.  What can we understand about … inferring

4. On the listening portion (A and E)- read the multiple choice answers- write 2-3 words which tells you what the answer says- in Hebrew or English. Then after the listening portion is read- go back and circle the correct answer. The “hints” that you wrote for yourself will save you time in reading all the answers (choices) again.

5. When writing an opinion essay (on the G), on the blank page given in the notebook, write the stand you will take and two or three reasons/examples before you begin writing.

6. Remember to use in your writing for G, a perfect tense, a conditional phrase and transition words (furthermore, moreover) in your essay or formal letter. Remember to skip a line or indent for new paragraphs. Remember the format for a formal letter.

A. In an opinion essay start with- I have been asked to write about…

B. In a formal letter include… I have had a lot of experience in

Or I have had continuous problems with this item/machine/ etc.

Or, if you would hire me then I am sure that you would not be disappointed…

Or, if this product worked as it should I would not be asking for a refund…

7. Look for similar words in different paragraphs when they ask you to find the same idea in two different paragraphs, for example… law, legal, court, etc.

8. If you are having difficulty finishing the “unseens”, then practice with a minute timer. Take 8 minutes to answer the questions in each paragraph and then move to the questions in the next paragraph. You can use a sand timer (there is an app for it on the phone or a regular timer on the watch). Your times will get faster!

If you have any other creative ideas for helping our students succeed in the English Matriculations Exams, let’s share them!