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This year we are sharing creative projects which we bring to our students to encourage them to read, research, write and speak about in our English classes. Projects should include the following sections:

1) Reading

2) Vocabulary building

4) Writing and re-writing (rough draft and final draft)

5) Oral presentation (speaking)

The following music project was sent in by Ayala Rivlin. Thank you Ayala!


In this project you will write about an English song that you like and about the singer or band. You will work on your project with a partner and hand in ONE copy.

Important vocabulary you need to know for this project: (add new words you learn)

Lyrics / music / themes = ideas / stanza  / refrain / performer band  / singer / style of music /musical instruments

 Getting Started

Choose a partner you can work well with.
Each of you must have an email box and a disk-on-key.

Choose an English song you like. Find the lyrics and copy them.

You can find lyrics on: or other sites

Task 1: 10 points   5-6 lines

Copy the lyrics.

Explain why you chose the song and how it makes you feel (both lyrics and music).

Send the teacher an email with both your names and emails and task 1.

Task 2: 20 points – at least 8 lines

Explain the main ideas of the song: who is the speaker and who is he/she singing to?

What is he/she saying?

What do you think the writer of the song is trying to say to the listener?
Send the draft to the teacher.

Task 3: 30 pointsabout a page long

Find information about the singer or band. Write a report with the answers to the following questions. You must use your own words!

If it’s a singer:
a. Name (if it’s not the singer’s real name explain the change)
When and where was he/she born?
Write about 6 important milestones (turning points)  in his/her life.
Write about his/her family- parents / siblings / children
b. When did he/she start singing? What /who was he/she influenced by?
c. What kind of music does he/she create?
d. How many songs/ albums has he/she created so far? How successful were they?
e. What is special and interesting about the singer?

If it’s a band:
Explain how the band chose a name. Write the names of its members.
When did they form the group and why? Where are they from?

a. What kind of music do they create? Who were they influenced by?
b. How many songs/ albums have they created so far? How successful were they?
c. What is special and interesting about the band?
d. Write a paragraph about each band member.
e. Send the draft to the teacher.

Task 4: 15 points
Choose a Hebrew song that relates to the English song you have chosen (Don’t forget to attach the lyrics).
Explain how it relates to your song and what the two songs have in common– 5-10 lines.
Send the draft to the teacher.

 Task 5: creative writing 20 points
rite a dialogue or a short story (half a page) that is connected to your English song.


This project is part of the requirements of the English bagrut/matriculation examination. Your grade will be included in this year’s grade. In addition, you will be tested on your project orally at the end of high school.

You are going to work in pairs but you only need to hand in one copy of the project. The project must be typed and presented in a plastic folder.
Make sure each of you keeps a copy of the project until the end of 12th grade!

You will lose (up to 20) points if:
-you don’t work seriously during lessons
-you don’t bring your books every lesson
-you send tasks in late
-you don’t hand in your final project on time

The final project must include:

           1. Cover page

a. Title of project: title of song and performer/s

b. Names of students

c. Teacher’s name

           2. Table of Contents

a. parts of the project

b. page numbers

3. Tasks 1, 2,3,4,5

4. Reflection

Each of you has to answer the questions on the reflection page.

5. The project must be neat and aesthetic. Add pictures and color.


              How are we going to work on the project?

  1. Bring your books every lesson
  1. Send a draft of every task to the teacher.
    If you don’t send it on time you will lose points.
  2. Save your work every lesson! – On a disk on key and on the computer.
  3. You must use class time well. Students who don’t work seriously will lose points.

Personal Reflection

Each student has to write his/her answers!

  1. Write two facts you learned from this project.

2. One thing that was interesting for you – explain why.

  1. Which part of the project did you find the most difficult? Why?
  1. Write 10 new words you have learned thanks to the project+ their translation.
  1. One thing you would change in your work.
  1. One advantage of working with your partner.

Creative English Projects ….

Creative English Projects ….
It has been a long and difficult summer for many of us here in Israel. Now we are thinking about returning to school, our classrooms and our students. This school year I would like to share with you creative projects that teachers have developed to encourage their pupils to read, research, write and present in English. One of my favorite topics is Heroes. We need not look too far to find heroes in our everyday lives. Below is one idea that we have used in our junior high and high school classes. I invite all of you to share your creative ideas for projects you have developed to inspire your students to be creative with the English language.
Hero Project
Part I. Written
Write a short essay that answers the following questions:

1. What characteristics make a hero?

2. Is someone born to be a hero or do they acquire the characteristics to be a hero or do the times in which they are born make them a hero?

3. Who is the hero you have chosen?

4. Give some background (biographical) information on your character. Which characteristics do they have from your list? Do they have any other qualities that you did not list?

Part II. Oral presentation

Make an oral (5-7 minutes) presentation on your hero. Give some background information, tell what heroic thing or things they did, and what, in your opinion, makes them a hero. You may show illustrations as part of your oral presentation.

You may use the Internet or library for your research. If you are writing about someone who is still alive you will need to create interview questions and interview that person. The interview could be in person, over the telephone, or over the Internet (e.g. Skype). Check with me for ideas on which questions to ask. I will give you some time to work on this during class but you will be expected to do some of it outside of class.

Due dates:

Hero chosen __________________________________

Research completed_____________________________

Rough draft completed____________________________

Final draft completed________________________________

Oral presentation due__________________________________