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This is a beautiful project tailored to weaker EFL or ESL English classes. It combines reading, writing, researching and the value of volunteering. Students could also deliver a short oral presentation about the organization which they highlight in their projects. Many thanks to Jenny Epstein for sending this to me to post.

A Partner in Kindness

One of the most important principles in Judaism is kindness and helping others. In this project you are going to read about what the Rabbis say about kindness. You are going to learn about an organization that encourages others to do acts of kindness and you are going to describe your own acts of kindness.

Part 1       Introduction

Why do think volunteering and acts of kindness are important? Who gains from acts of kindness? Write a paragraph of 80 words.


Part 2-   What do the Rabbis say about acts of kindness?

Go to the site

Choose 1 article and write a summary of what is written.   50-60 words

Part 3- An organization has been started that encourages people to do acts of kindness. Why was it started? Describe the organization. Write 80 words.

Part 4- Your own experience with volunteering

Describe your own volunteering experience. Where do you volunteer? What do you do? Why did you choose this place? How does volunteering make you feel? Write between 80-100 words.

Part 5- An interview

You are going to interview one of the organizers or people in charge at the place where you volunteer. You can ask them why they have decided to work /volunteer there. You can ask questions about the organization. Write between 8-10 questions.

Part 6- Reflection

What did you learn from this project? Did this project change your ideas about why volunteering is important?   Write about 80 words.

Part 7– Bibliography At least three sources, including your interview

Checklist: Your final project must have the following parts:

Front page – Your name, name of project, picture

Table of Contents

Part 1- Introduction

Parts 2- What the Rabbis say

Part 3- Partners in Kindness

Part 4- My experience

Part 5- An interview

Part 6-   Reflection

Part 7- Bibliography