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More Creative Literature Units to Share with Your Students!

The summer vacation is coming to a close and it is time to think about how we will organize our classes for the year. The literature unit has undergone many changes over the course of the last few years and the books that we have been using do not reflect those changes. Fortunately, we are blessed with many creative English teachers who have produced some quality units. In the last post I shared the first ten which I received permission to publish and here I am presenting another ten. Remember that there may be additional changes that need to be made on these units which reflect the needs of your particular classes or further modifications which have been made to the program. The units are in “Word” format so that it will be easy for you to adjust them as you see fit.

This group of units includes: All in A Summer Day by Ray Bradbury (3 different units); Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe; Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost; Mending Wall by Robert Frost; Bluebird by Charles Bukowski; Richard Cory by Edwin Arlington Robinson; The Charge of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson; Refugee Blues by W.H. Auden and The Split Cherry Tree by Jesse Stuart.

Click on the links listed below:

Sarah Greenberg Final Unit. Mending Wall Robert Frost

REFUGEE BLUES Final unit Tikva

Final task Annabel Lee Edgar Allan

Unit Plan on Richard Cory.docx mindy

JudiBeckerFinalAssignment All Summer in a Day Ray

Tzivi Portnoy Final Assignment Bluebird.Blog

Michal Zacks Unit Planner blog

All Summer in a Day- Unit 2 Nechemia Litke docx

All Summer in a Day- Unit 1 Amalya Litke docx

The Split Cherry Tree Leah Ruth Singer

I wish you all a happy, healthy, productive and creative year!

Creative Literature Units to Share with Your Students

It has been some time since I have had an opportunity to write on the English Teaching with Creativity site.  Over the past two years I have taught the literature course for teachers who want to inspire their students with literary pieces that speak to the hearts and minds of our young people. In Israeli schools today, English educators are part of a program that teaches literary pieces infused with higher order thinking skills. The final project of the course is to create a unit that you could use in the classroom.

The first set of units  which are posted here are in word format so that you may change and adapt them to your particular classes. Although these represent final units, it may be possible that there are some errors so please read each unit carefully before using it with your students. In addition, because there are on-going changes and adjustments to the program, the units may reflect differences from year to year. Again, please be mindful to read and make necessary adjustments to the units based on your knowledge and experience.

All of the teachers who have agreed to post their units on this site would like to encourage other English educators to share their work so that we may all have a quality bank of literary units from which to choose and share with our students. The following units will be uploaded at this time to  We hope that you enjoy reading them and teaching them to your students!

1. “If ”  By: Rudyard Kipling  2.”Stopping in the Woods on a Snowy Evening” By: Robert Frost (3 different units) 3.”Digging” Seamus Heaney ”  4.The All American Slurp” By: Lensey Namioka  5.”Richard Cory” By: Edwin Arlington Robinson  5.”The Hitchhiker” By: Roald Dahl  6.”We and They”  By: Rudyard Kipling  7. “The Perfect Heart” By: Shara McCallum. Next week I hope to upload another group of units for you to use.

Click each of the links below to download the unit:

Ruth Steiner FINAL.Richard Cory

Miriam_Steinhart_Unit_2015.Stopping by the Woods

Final Task – Inna Bilik – Full Final and Complete Unit Log

Anat Sabo Final unit log final finally

Copy of Final Assignment We and They Rudyard Kipling

Yael Noiman final assignment Digging Seamus Heaney


The Hitchhiker Mazal Freundlich

The All-American Slurp literature unit Amy Styer

Template for Key Component Final Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening