Vocabulary and Stories

There is often disagreement as to the best way to teach English as a second language to our students. The Ministry of Education in Israel is testing a new program to teach students lists of vocabulary words (Bands I, II, and III) hoping that our students will succeed in their endeavor to learn the English language.  Several teachers have begun teaching these lists to their students and many have created Quizlet tests online to help facilitate their learning of the vocabulary bands.

One teacher, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a Sheva Brachot at her home, feels that one of the best ways to learn vocabulary is in the context of a story, even a simple story. Sharon Botesazan has created a story and worksheets with some of the band III words. She was gracious enough to let me share these with you on this site. I would encourage all of you to begin to create some of your own stories with the vocabulary words.  Below are Sharon’s worksheets.

In addition, speaking of stories, I have started a new site which is called, Tell Me a Story Bubie.  We have grandchildren living in a very religious community in Jerusalem and we are not allowed to read them the stories which we read as children, and that we read to our children. Because of this, I began making up my own stories, to impart some of my values to them as well as to teach them English. I encourage all of you to read stories, tell your stories and create stories for your children and your grandchildren. Stories are the key to language acquisition because as human beings we have the need to communicate with one another. We want to express our thoughts, our passions our challenges, our successes, and our failures. We want to receive encouragement and understanding from one another and so we continue to tell our stories and learn from each other. The site for my new blog is : http://www.tellmeastorybubie.com/.

band 3 vocabulary worksheet 01 Sharon B.

band 3 vocabulary worksheet 01 gap fill 01 Sharon B.

band 3 vocabulary worksheet 01a Sharon B.

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