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Teachers, the Shapers of Society

Percy Bysshe Shelley, in his essay, “A Defense of Poetry” wrote, “Poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world” (What a great quotation to use as a Bridging for Ozymandias!).  In a recent article on the Parsha of the week, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks amended that statement while writing about Moshe Rabenu (Moses our teacher) to, “It is not poets but teachers who shape society, handing on the legacy of the past to those who build the future.” I often tell my teachers that we have the privilege of “touching the future” through the work that we do with our students.

Although I have not been active this year in adding articles and teachers’ work to this blog, I have been collecting some wonderful, creative work and before we all return to the classroom I wanted to share the variety of excellent lessons which have been sent to me.

Sharon Botesazan has been busy creating more activities which use Band 3 words in context. The link to her Google Docs for these creative lessons are below:



Batammi Paltiel created a visual video for Shelley’s, “Ozymandias”, which one could argue finally explains the meaning of this poem to teacher and student alike. She has a reading of the poem by the actor, Vincent Price, and then she takes the song, “Work of Art” by Demi Lovato, which shows how the theme of “Ozymandias” lives on- the power of the artist. Whether you decide to use this in your classrooms or not, it is worth seeing!


Ester Lerner created a fabulous activity for Holocaust studies and art. She wanted to connect this to a poem that they studied in her class by Dan Pagis. The poem is below and you can access Ester’s unit by clicking the link below the poem:

Written in Pencil in the Sealed Freight car”

Here in this carload
I am Eve
With my son Abel
If you see my older boy
Cain son of Adam
Tell him that I…


Writing VTS Holocaust bridging activity

Thank you to those of you who continue to share your work with us. We appreciate all of your efforts and creative endeavors!

Wishing you all a wonderful rest of the summer holiday and a creative and productive year ahead,